Beginning and End of Season Snapper Riding Lawn Mower and Poulan Pro Snowblower

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Item Description:

4/20/18 - Okay Everyone, i was asked to add some info on the mower so here goes...

Model Number: 7084249, Serial Number 85483001

Engine Type:  Briggs and Stratton 28B702 (Online parts catalog is available)

Height (At Steering Column) 28" Width (At Rear Tires) 30" Length Approx. 66-68" (Grass Catcher Detached)

Comes with a Rear Grass Catcher and Front Mounting Thatcherizer. The Grass Catcher can be Removed for a side port ejection and the MAGNETRON engine means you never have to have or worry about a battery. The Rider is equipped with a safety catch plate and adjustable HI VAC deck. Runs and drives well. I started the motor up before accepting from the seller and it caught right away.

 Item will need to be picked up, no shipping or delivery available. Low reserve price (These can go for up to 350.00 on other auctions and sites I have witnessed due to the reliability and MAGNETRON Engine.

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Item Description:

Very Nice Looking Wide maw Snow blower Which Seller stated has been used 3 Seasons and is getting rid of due to moving (Wont Need Anymore). I tried both the pull start and plug in electric starts, both worked great and started up right away. Low Reserve Price - i looked it up on the internet - this unit retails for 625.00 New - No Shipping or delivery, pickup only. 

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